First of all thank you for your visit to our website. From here we try to show you the exciting world of Maltese Bichon, its standard, history, character, etc.

The love for the canine world comes from childhood. Already my parents had several types of animals both company and work. I grew up with them learning their customs, care, etc. When I turned 16 I remember that my neighbor had a litter of puppies but the mother died and I decided to bottle-feed the two babies that were left. I really enjoy the experience of seeing them grow and look for a good family that will take care of them the rest of their life. After a few years, I had my first house with a bit of land and I decided to start with the breeding and selection.

In a dog show they did in Malaga my wife and I fell in love with the Maltese Bichon. Acquiring our first copy called Gala. Living with her was captivating us with her sweetness and intelligence. We met the perfect dog because among other qualities had to not loose hair, be hypoallergenic and endured very well dealing with young children. Suitable for any home and type of life. This was the beginning of entering in this wonderful race and dedicate us until now in the breeding and high selection of the Maltese Bichón.

So much is our love for animals that we decided to move to a house with 2500 square meters where we have a zoo nucleus. Our facilities are reviewed by the “Junta de Andalucía” where they check the good condition of our pets and facilities. comfort of our specimens with anti bacterial soil, automatic drinking troughs and conditioning for a correct hygiene. With recreation areas with vegetation and music to go out to sunbathing etc. We create a welcoming environment for our pets to have an exceptional quality of life.

Our goal is to offer a highly selected Maltese Bichon. Become one more of your family and not a fad. Note that the Maltese Bichon is a dog of the longest being normal to see specimens at 18 years. That is why we have a wide experience to cover with specimens suitable to the standard, to follow the puppy from birth and a long etcetera that make getting a Maltese Deltuyalimon Bichon is the most accurate. Each copy is unique and unrepeatable, our mission is to give them to the right family.

Our puppies are raised as part of our family with all the best to ensure that they grow up healthy, performing a rigorous physical and mental control so that when they arrive at their new home they do it in optimum conditions, thus keeping in touch with us at any time To advise you with any questions you may have.

Each dog Deltuyalimon is personally raised by us as a member of our family. That is why we are against the massive exploitation of unscrupulous animals in macrobreeding centers, imported from factories of puppies from other countries. Avoid buying copies of these types of sites so that you do not continue to collaborate with this dark practice and thus ensure you obtain a dog that will not give you problems of character, morphology and viruses that can end the life of the animal. Since these people only seek to get money in exchange for lives.

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