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Knowing the Bichon Maltese

Its name does not mean that it originates from the island of Malta, since the adjective "Maltese" comes from the semitic word "màlat" that means refuge or port; This semitic root is found in a whole series of names of maritime places, as for example in the name of the Adriatic island of Méléda, in one of the Sicilian city of Melita and also in the island of Malta. The ancestors of this small dog lived in the ports of the maritime cities of the Central Mediterranean, where they fought the rats and mice that swarmed in the port shops and in the warehouses of the ships. In his nomenclature of the dogs of the time, Aristotle (384-322 BC) mentions a breed of small dogs to which he attributes in Latin the name "canes melitenses". This dog was known in ancient Rome: as a favorite companion of the matrons, he was praised by Estrabón, Latin poet of the first century. The Maltese Bichón appears in representations of numerous painters of the Renaissance where it is seen in the halls of the time accompanying the beautiful ladies of that time. It is a “faldero” dog, at present is one of the small but popular races.

Very sweet and super intelligent. It is hard and able to demonstrate its qualities by exercising, several of our specimens are being trained by their owners to perform various functions as if it were a big dog.

The personality of the Maltese Bichon is faithful, full of humor to give you a smile. Affectionate with his family, a clean, refined breed and a beloved pet.
In short it is a dog that adapts well to the routine of his family.


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