If you can come personally do not hesitate it, we like the idea and we are at your disposal.
In case the new owner, can not visit us personally can send the copy, we have extensive experience in shipping both nationally and globally. We have been working for years with MRW for shipments to the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. For shipments outside Spain we also have a team of people and companies of trust having made with them shipments to any country in the world with an excellent quality. The management of the transport, we take care of ourselves, or it can be ordered the buyer, that with our experience we look for the best route for your puppy. Check shipping prices.

Lay Puppy Delivery Guide

-Sanitary Rack or passport: With the intestinal deworming to the day and the vaccines corresponding to the life of the puppy. The vaccine is the most complete and effective on the market, it would leave the puppy immune to the most common diseases, and out of all risk of catching any strain that develops in the trip.
- (In case of sending to peninsula or Balearic Islands) MRW documentation, all protocol of the transport company to verify the departure and arrival of the puppy.

- (In case of pedigree) Canine Identification Form No. 485: This document is only to be filled out by the veterinarian of the new owner, which is sealed and with the microchip sticker. This document is essential to continue with the process of the Pedigree of the puppy, should be sent to the hatchery when the puppy reaches the third month, which is when it is mandatory to implant the microchip with the data of the new owner.
-The puppy travels with a bag of food attached to the case that we receive from the same brand that has been eating since weaning. This food makes your metabolism not suffer so much and do not alter its eating habits.

Things to take before collecting the puppy:

- Recipient for food and water preferably steel.
- Place to sleep (a cot, mat, blanket).
- Dogs food.
-Find a veterinarian with experience in the sector
-Newspaper so the dog can relieve themselves.

The arrival of the puppy to his new home:

Firstly our puppies are taught to relieve themselves on newspaper, however they may become disoriented and can do it anywhere else, if it is already acclimated to the new house and has everything explored but it still does not go to the newspaper call us and we will give some guidelines to return it to the newspaper. It is a baby you have to be patience, you do not have to overwhelm him at this stage of his life. He needs to eat and sleep to grow up in perfect condition. With regard to food, water and feed depends on the weight of the puppy, etc. will have to give a dose or another recommended by the manufacturer in each container, under no circumstances give to a dog homemade food, goodies, etc. .

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