Our adventure in this mystical race began in 2012, when Leo, our Spanish mastiff who was our guardian for 13 years, died. Looking for another member for our family and to protect us we stumbled upon a photo on the internet of a Tibetan mastiff. At the time we did not know the breed completely but I was struck by the type of dog, as imposing as if it were a lion himself. Then a great interest arose for this race, I began to inquire about it informing me through internet, etc. Every description and image that I saw, more desire I came to own one, I saw many varieties I liked, others not so much, until I find out that to have a good copy of the lion had to be obtained from China where they had the Tibetan mastiff as a symbol of power and social status. After a few months of talking with Chinese breeders, discarding offers, thinking about it a lot, we decided to get our first pair of Tibetan lion mastiff: Kesong and Aice.
So we started our trip to China where we spent some time visiting the hatcheries, talking with them about essential care for this breed, how to make the departments to be resistant, etc.
Already having everything ready, we returned to Spain with our first pair of Tibetan mastiff type lion being one of the first of this type of dog to enter Spain and part of the world. It is a very exclusive dog only within the reach of very few therefore the scarcity of good specimens around the world.

At present we have several breeding specimens with very good characteristics, we have several of our puppies in several countries having excellent results in rings, in Mexico, Argentina, etc.

Our center is not a breeding center for commercial purposes or for profit, it is contemplated to perfect this exclusive race, we do not reproduce with our dogs outside our breeding center to avoid diseases, all our specimens are considered part of the family and we use the layers as a generational relief of our pets.

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